Fitness instructor course in English

Fitness instructor course in English

34 900 CZK

Full individual form. Reservation valid after paying the deposit which is 50% of the price for the course.

For whom is the course designated?


  • Our fitness trainer course in English is meant to be for everybody who prefers schooling and lessons in the English language.
  • For admirers and supporters of a healthy lifestyle that want to understand their own human body more and know how to train it, strengthen it and form it in the right way.
  • For future professional personal trainers.

In our course you will learn

  • To perform a thorough diagnostic of the musculoskeletal system on which basis you will be able to create an individual training plan focused on the needs and goals of your client.
  • How to find and identify disbalances of the musculoskeletal system and learn with a professional approach to lead your client towards correcting them.
  • A practical acquaintance with different types of training and its variations: Circuit training, interval training, strength and hypertrophy training, training with your own body, on machines and also with functional tools.
  • To understand how the human body works through the eyes of functional anatomy and its physiology.
  • Basic rehabilitation techniques and stretching to eliminate back pain.
  • Basics of psychology, traditional Chinese medicine and first aid in our additionally specialized seminars.

Why to choose Improve Academy?

We are a school, that teaches future personal trainers to focus on healthy exercising, lifestyle and an overall psychological balance to apply on future clients

  • Our lectors are highly qualified and ensure professional schooling.
  • A complex and modern approach to fitness, health, nutrition, relaxation and motivation you will learn to apply on your clients.
  • All subjects and study materials in English.
  • The course consists of 150h and as a result you will receive a B trainers licence and a certificate in English and in Czech language.
  • Quantity discount for two or more students is possible.
  • The price is final and includes the whole course, entrance to our partnership gym for the duration of the course, study materials and the final certificate in two languages.

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